How do you know that you are a boring person? What does the science say

How do you know that you are a boring person?  What does the science say

  • Do they tell you that you are boring? The keys, according to science, to knowing if you are

  • Some studies indicate that the main traits of bored people are passivity or selfishness

  • Obviously, everyone has their own concept of “boredom,” but the key to spotting it is usually in conversations

The the concept of “boring” It’s completely different for each person. We’ve all been bored on more than one occasion, and that’s more than obvious, but what’s boring to one person is more than an entertaining activity to another and vice versa. For example, there are those who do not like to go out at night for an exotic drink with friends. Is this the cause of the cavity? Well, it depends on who, of course. It could also be that someone had a bad day and, simply because of that, gave us the impression that they are rams. But Can you tell if I’m boring? Well, some scientific studies say yes.

How people are considered boring has been scientifically studied, for example, Various analyzes by psychologist Mark Leary and other companions. In one, the subject had to describe what made them view another person as boring, which led to different categories that different people agreed on the most. Passivity, focus on oneself, and no opinions or humor are some of the keysWe show you the main points that will tell you if you are boring or not.

What makes you boring?

One of the main points to know if a person is boring or not conversations which mainly maintains If you talk a lot, especially on your private topicson a selfish point, Or they don’t open their beaks. Thus, for the rest, both cases are a complete bore.

What does all this ultimately do? that Don’t fall for anyone and not be able to have a sense of humor To make the rest laugh. And without humor, building relationships with others is not easy at all.

But not everything is connected with humor, as well as with other aspects. Usually each person, based on his experience and information, forms his own opinions. Boring people though They don’t usually build their own ideas, mainly due to lack of interest, which means that later, when a conversation comes up, the above happens, they only talk about their own topics or about themselves. Moreover, when they tell something, his way of speaking or telling a story, no matter how good, It is not attractive to the rest of the listeners.

And one of the main points that define a boring person is that they are negative individuals, they always see the cup as half empty rather than half full. Although anyone can have moments of negativity, they tend to complain about everything and only look at their own problems.

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