How do you look healthy?


The present is smiling at Meryl Streep, because she will be a grandmother again. The actress’s youngest daughter, Grace Gummer, will have a son with Mark Ronson, according to information collected by Page Six, and the artist will add her fourth grandchild (since her son Henry has two children and Mamie has one).

The years have passed for Meryl Streep and her artwork is credited with representing her vast career. But physically, she looks gorgeous and radiant, thanks in large part to her diet and exercise routine. The winner of three Oscars is a clear example that age is just a number and does not interfere with the vitality and discipline of a person’s behavior.

Don’t be obsessed with body weight

“For young women, I would say don’t worry too much about your weight. Girls spend a lot of time thinking about it and there are better things.” It was part of a statement she made when she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Indiana University in 2014 and his speech strongly referred to this “middleweight” topic.

“I used to hate my nose, now I don’t” was part of her speech at the time, and he was touching on self-acceptance as well. The actress learned to lead a lifestyle healthyWhere you love your weight and maintain it with physical activity. In this case, she does swimming, a sport that helps strengthen muscles and correct posture, which is very important in her daily routine.

Organic food on a diet healthy

According to information collected by Eatthis media, Mary Louise Streep eats natural or organic foods, and she even grows some in her garden. The amount of processed foods he consumes is almost non-existent and he adds lean proteins to his diet. Several meals throughout the day, to always stay active, is the basic premise of your diet.

Meryl loves to cook

The singer also loves to share meals with her loved ones and invest time in cooking and setting up a table with all her love and dedication, according to a source close to the aforementioned medium. “She is not only an excellent cook, but also very generous with her cuisine,” were the words of someone who knew the actress well.

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