They will implement the alternative medicine campaign “Between Us Live the Center” – El Heraldo de Juárez

This Saturday, starting at 10:00 am, the second campaign of alternative medicine will take place, as part of the “Entre Nosotras Vivamos el Centro” program.

Alternative health treatments will be offered at the facilities of the Municipal Institute of Women located at 135 Francisco Villa Street in the Central District.

For those who wish to attend the event, comprehensive care will be provided through flower therapy, ear therapy and Reiki.

As well as alternative services that focus on tired varicose veins and others.

This health campaign is implemented in cooperation with the Municipal Women’s Institute and the National Association for Health and Community Welfare (SABIC).

In addition, it was possible to implement it, thanks to the support of the Fundación del Empresariado Chihuahuaense.

Elvira Urrutia Castro, General Manager of IMM, was responsible for organizing the event.

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There is no doubt that alternative medicine is making its way, so the entire Juarez community is invited to try different treatments for recovery.

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