How to avoid latency spikes and WiFi drops when browsing or playing games

How to avoid latency spikes and WiFi drops when browsing or playing games

How to measure latency and how important it is

Now that we know that speed, whether in downloading or uploading, is not the only thing that matters, let’s see how latency is measured and how high latency affects our connection.

What is latency and ping really?

Response time The response time of the server to receiving and sending the requested content information. That is, the time that elapses since we placed a request for a package of information from our computer, and it arrives again to show us the content of the requested package to the target server.

The connection test is what we use when measuring this latency, which we will be measuring in milliseconds, and hence, it will be The time it takes for your local connection to connect to a remote computer on the network. You will definitely know that for being the third piece of information that every speed test we do on our call provides us with. In the first place, it will give us the download speed, then the upload speed, and finally, the ping along with the name and location of the node that we are connecting to (in some tests, not in everything we find in the Internet).

Now that we know what both terms refer to, we assume that we understand that the lower the ping, the better for our connection. Latency will also depend on several factors which we will discuss below.

  • Contracted connection type (ADSL, optical fiber, or mobile Internet).
  • The router that we have is in connection with a physical service.
  • Whether the connection is via cable, Wi-Fi, or mobile data.
  • The coverage and saturation of the Wi-Fi network if connected in this way.
  • Coverage and distance to the nearest antenna when using mobile data.

Symptoms of high latency

Obviously, there are instances where we will not notice a high latency, since sometimes this is not what is required to run an application or service properly, rather it is the case for applications or services where the connection is mainly one-sided, that is, they depend on data. Far more than the service sends us than it relies on response on our part, services like Netflix or YouTube can function properly with high latency (as long as speed and bandwidth are necessary).

However, There are services and applications where latency is absolutely essential, for example Online games Or apps video call Like Skype. If you are in the habit of playing games online, either through a computer or through a video console, then you definitely have a teammate complaining about the ping command, because he already knows the concept and knows what’s going on, or who is complaining about “jerks” or Dissidents instantly move from place to place, you may also hear this called ‘Slow“We’re talking about the same thing, cumin. This happens because there is a high latency, the time it takes to reach your site or the enemy site is very high and when you want to load the next site for itself, it is no longer there.

It is also easy to spot latency issues in video calling apps, we will suffer from delays in calling, we will see how we finish talking and it will take the other person a few seconds to see how we finish talking, and it is also possible that we notice that the voice is not synchronizing with the video, it is Another clear display of high latency.

Another point to keep in mind is that If we have high latency and connect via Wi-Fi, we may suffer from network outages. We have to quickly fix this because we think it’s a wireless network saturation issue or some other kind of problem it might have, like poor coverage in the usage area, and it really won’t be the problem. Issue.

What to do to lower the connection test

We now turn to the actions we can take with the clear goal of avoiding all of the symptoms mentioned above.

  • bottleneck – We have to take into account that we have Single entry and exit to the InternetFor all devices that we have connected to the Internet within our local network. If we want the ping command to be as low as possible, we must avoid using other devices in an abusive way, by which we mean not to perform massive downloads or use P2P from another computer on the local network, for example, this will not only affect the latency, if not Also, the connection speed. In short, I prioritize contacting the team we want to work with.
  • Wireless coverage – To keep the latency low and the speed high within the Wi-Fi network It is imperative that you are within the coverage area as the router provides us with a better connectionIf the place where we have the equipment that we work with does not have a good wireless connection, then we will have to do something to extend the coverage, either with repeaters or other types of devices.
  • Router The router is the vital complement in communication. If our router is not able to manage the internet connection efficiently, this will lead to various problems, among which is an increase in latency.. If we see we’re failing here, then thinking about investing in a new router would be the best idea and, as we’ve recommended on other occasions, we shouldn’t skimp when it comes to getting the most important equipment in our entire network.
  • Avoid using a VPN – If the use of a VPN is not strictly required for our connection (for business reasons, for example), then we must avoid using a connection via VPN as well Try to connect to a local server. A VPN, due to its own work (a service that processes our data in a secure and confidential way), will cause us to overtest the connection that we cannot avoid. In contrast, if we try to access a local server, in case there is one for the application or service we are using, we will of course reduce the ping, as the connection will be made with a server that will be closer to us.
  • Clean equipment – Must be Our team is always equipped with installed and updated antivirus / malware softwareMany of these malware misuse our internet connection, resulting in increased latency, which is exactly what we want to avoid.
  • Avoid proxy servers – Proxy servers are very useful when it comes to securing your connection (thanks to encryption), but as in the case of a VPN, using these servers and their features will add a few thousandths of a second to our watch. It measures latency and if not necessary we will refrain from Use it.

If you have latency problems, by following this little guide with tips for troubleshooting the problem and laying out the means to solve it, you will definitely get a noticeable improvement in your connection. When we talk about specific apps or services every millisecond counts and we want to help you so that you don’t face any problems of this nature.

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