This was the intense controversy between Tim Cook and the judge at the Epic Games trial


yesterday Event The most anticipated part of An experience between Apple and Epic Games This puts the future of the App Store in check as we know it: Tim Cook appears in court. Given how harsh Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ reactions were, things did not go well for Cook.

“You don’t charge banks but you charge players.”

Judge and CEO of Apple They organized a debate marked by their differencesEach one responded with very different arguments. For Gonzalez-Rogers, it makes no sense for Apple to say that it wants to give users control while at the same time not allowing those users to choose cheaper options when paying for content.

Cook’s response to that is that users are always free to choose between iPhone or Android, and that when he talks about handing control over to users, he is referring to controlling their private data. However, The judge continued to insist that she saw no problem with Apple offering other payment options To purchase virtual Fortnite items or just link to the web to do so. The counter-cook argument is simple: If Apple does, it is losing App Store monetization and the way they pay for maintaining over 150,000 developer APIs.

The judge wanted to make it clear to Tim Cook that for her, Apple doesn’t allow competition in integrated purchases

You don’t charge banks, do you? But you charge the players and with that money you pay for the systems that cover the banksThe judge, who also explained, replied Their way of looking at things is Apple that is taking advantage of third-party developers who are gaining loyalty from players. Cook insisted on the value the App Store brings in the form of users to free apps, which creates a large audience for the App Store and thus the volume of trade in it.

The aircraft carrier continued without reaching a successful port with Gonzalez Rogers On the pretext that Apple does not allow competition in the integrated purchases of its applications Tim Cook replied that there is, thanks to the rest of the platforms out there and the freedom for developers to advertise and present them in other means. An interesting fact that he revealed is that the profit margin he gets from these deals ranges between 35% and 40%.

Even the judge suggested that Reducing commissions From the app store it would not have been due to the epidemic, if not so For fear of legal retaliation It could arise from lawsuits like this one, as Cook defends himself by saying that the decision to downgrade was taken to improve conditions during a pandemic.

Finally, after using a survey that supposedly reveals 39% of users are dissatisfied with the App Store, the judge said it doesn’t seem like Apple has it.No competitors and no incentives to be able to work and be satisfiedFor these developers.

I am not an expert in US court proceedings, but something tells me that things look so bad for Apple. The App Store’s current business model is not a small portion of its finances, and a victory for Epic Games. That would cause changes That would change this business model forever. This Monday we’ll see the final statements of the two parties, and then the jury will withdraw to Intentionally in a sentence already warned that it will take time to arrive.

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