Uncover an Easter egg hidden for 20 years


Microsoft announced, this week, the start of celebrations for the occasion of Eid Al-Adha Xbox 20th Anniversary. Yes, believe it or not, then a program The Redmond video game will be two decades old this November. Take advantage of the event, some Little known and interesting details about the original Xbox. The person we’re going to tell you today was Hidden for 20 years, Although it can be more.

The engineer who allegedly worked on the development of the first Xbox, who preferred not to be identified, revealed Kotaku What or what Console hides a Easter egg Since its launch. That is, since November 2000 distant. In fact, we can say that he was “in hiding”, as the mentioned media have received enough evidence to verify that it is indeed true. You can check it yourself if your Xbox still works.

Easter egg It displays a list of all the developers who participated in creating the dashboard. In other words: on the front of the first Xbox. It should be noted that the new Easter egg Somewhat like Another already known But for a long time, the way to activate it was completely different.

How to see an Easter egg on Xbox

Of course, you have to resort to a series of steps that no player had ever thought of at the time. Namely, the workers did not intend to discover it. The developer suggests that, if any, Means that the source code for the Xbox OS has been leaked. So, to an extent, the Easter egg was a disaster alarm.

«I really didn’t expect them to find itNot unless the source code was leaked or someone had reverse engineered the dashboard. The trigger was the same as the main Easter egg [el que se conocía]. I thought someone would have to liquidate him to become known. ”Are you curious to try it out on your Xbox? We leave you steps Introduction of Kotaku and then:

  1. Enter the “Music” section.
  2. Insert an audio CD.
  3. Inside the CD section, press “Burn,” and in the next section, click “Copy” again.
  4. From the CD section, click “New Audio Track”.
  5. The name to enter on the soundtrack is “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Without the quotes and respecting the 26 characters ‘and’.
  6. Click “Done”.
  7. Wait for the process to finish.
  8. Return to the main menu.
  9. Go to settings “.
  10. Go to “System Information”.

Who the hell is Timmy? The truth is, we just don’t know. When all the steps are done, you will see a list of people who participated in developing the dashboard for the first Xbox. In the next video, you can watch it in detail:

Why do we reveal it yet? The former Xbox developer answers: “I decided to share it now because 20 years have passed, and I thought it’d be cool for people to know this really exists. I know a lot of websites like to track this kind of thing and not all of the people on that list work for Microsoft anymore. I also thought that if I didn’t do it now, it would likely never happen.

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