The original Xbox had a hidden secret just revealed, which is a hallucination


It took two decades for the original Xbox secret to emerge, but today we can already know this hidden screen that was inside the board itself. With th Preparations for the 20th anniversary of the brandThis seems to be the right moment to unveil the final mysteries of the console that made history.

The information was originally disclosed by the portal Kotaku, As they reported that the data reached them through an unknown source. Some time ago, a way to see the full credits of the console was released, but this new discovery shows the entire development team for the hardware board.

A missing list inside the original Xbox

Now looking at the list of requirements that must be brought in to obtain the list, it is no mystery to understand why this secret has remained hidden for many years. Let’s see the steps in detail:

1. The first thing to do is go to the “Music” menu and insert an Audio CD.
2. From the Audio CD screen, select “Copy”, “Copy” again, then “New Audio Track”.
3. From there, it will be necessary to rename the soundtrack as follows (without quotation marks) “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” (The letter “y” is 26 times, that is, until it nearly fills the box without counting any further!)
4. Take a break during the process Rebio From the disk.
5. When the process is complete, go out to the main menu.
6. Select “Settings” and then “System Information.”
7. If you’ve performed all the steps correctly, you should see the “Xbox Dashboard Team” developer list.

For 20 years people were banned from seeing the names Victor Blanco, Sakvung Chanpai, Bradford Christian and Jim Helm on their screens, but fortunately this injustice has been corrected even though none of these names continue to operate at Microsoft.

The source, who revealed these instructions, said: “I decided to disclose information so that people know that these people exist, because it is very unlikely that anyone at this stage will discover how to find this hidden screen.” This writer strongly agrees.

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