How to make the perfect cup of coffee according to science


good preparation a cup of coffee Not only is it fine grinding, the right pot of coffee, and the perfect beans, but a little too ScienceAt least, this is confirmed by a study published in the journal Thing. But to all this,How do Should this be done? Here we tell you.

Temperature or the relationship between water and coffee are just some of the criteria that are taken into consideration when determining the flavor of this drink. However, recently, Science Show what can affect when preparing a file a cup of coffee It is the fineness and quantity of the powder produced when grinding grains.

How do you make the perfect cup of coffee?

According to a research team of mathematicians, chemists, scientists and baristas, they discovered an effective method for preparing a cup of coffee Through a mathematical and empirical model.

The researchers ignored the variety, origin and roasting of the grains, as well as the chemistry of the water. They focused exclusively on the preparation of the drink. It was in the process, as they refuted the theory that the best pills are the best a cup of coffee.

They also realized that when prepared in this way, the flavor of each cup varied, because although it didn’t look like it, it was extracted by two different processes, one with the flavor that was on the surface of the grain and the other taking over the intensity that was inside.

So according to their research and preparations, Science It was concluded that fewer pills

The coarse grinding was the key to getting a perfect and consistent drink in every cup; While it proposes a more economical production.

This is due to the fact that when the beans are finely ground, small particles clog the space through which the water should flow, while when reducing the mass of coffee, that is, making it less thick, the liquid passes faster and way less efficiently.

How do you save when making a cup of coffee?

The Science It is also suggested that the implementation of this method of preparation not only guarantees the good a cup of coffee, but it means cheaper and more environmentally friendly production.

According to researchers, using less

At the time of grinding, it reduces grinding waste by up to 25 percent, which greatly increases profits without sacrificing the quality of this wonderful drink.

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