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Often not many people know about aesthetic medicine treatments, as there are still some taboos and myths about them. That’s why Stephanie Cruz-Robles, a surgeon with a graduate degree in aesthetic medicine and longevity, decided to use social networks during the pandemic to spread his work.

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exclusively for The Sun of Hermosillo He stated that in 2020, when the epidemic began, only a year and a half had passed since he opened his own office, the Cutanic Clinic, where he was dedicated to performing cosmetic treatments of various kinds.

“What we do is treatments to increase the size of certain areas; treat skin aging; treat bone aging, cell regeneration, among other things, and that’s why we do different types of treatment, both medical and regenerative.”

He pointed out that since February 2020, with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, the clinic was completely closed, at least until mid-June when he was able to reopen it. However, while they remained without face-to-face consultations, he used the Internet and social networks to keep in touch with his patients.

“I had to work on building trust in people regarding the different treatments, so I used Instagram and Facebook, implemented dynamics where I started talking again about the processes and spreading information through those platforms so we know more and to inform patients that all the treatments we do here are done safely. “.

New strategies

Being more involved in social media allowed Stephanie to keep in touch with her patients, but also to inform people about various topics, which resulted in a significant increase in the number of online inquiries as well as in the number of followers they had on their pages.

“We had good follower growth when I started interacting more with the page, I would say 50% and queries also grew by 50%. Thanks to this, when we opened our doors in June, we started taking in quite a few patients: at least from August to December, I saw at least a 60% recovery from face-to-face consultations.”

He stated that he conducted online consultations that did not require any face-to-face medical procedure, but rather treatments that required the purchase of a product that the patient could provide. In this way, he said, he was also able to serve people outside of Hermosillo, thereby winning over patients in American cities like Phoenix and Texas, as well as some other patients in Sonora like Guaymas, Nogales, Carbo and Rayon.

I tried to be aware of the networks daily, and to share videos in which I tried to speak more slang words so that the patient understood me, and thus could dispel any doubts. This way I was generating confidence and they started to consult me ​​for some cosmetic treatments. I also tried to implement lists of products that they can find where they live.”

The rise and fall of emotions

The aesthetic medicine specialist commented that the reopening of the clinic was gradual, before the epidemic they treated about 15 patients a day, and when they returned they did so with only five people, mainly because they continued to pay attention to all health protocols.

“We had to confront the patients’ fear in the sense of leaving their home again and going to a health institution, which is ultimately a doctor’s office, and it was again to instill that confidence in the patient so that he could resume his operations again.”

The doctor emphasized that she, like her staff, already has a full vaccination schedule, which helps them feel safe and also instills security in their patients, who must fill out a form before visiting the office to verify that they are in the right conditions to attend.

“It has been the ups and downs of feelings; patience has been ups and downs, so researching patients and above all to inform them and encourage the culture of aesthetic medicine. I am also very grateful that our patients have been very responsible in informing us if they have any suspicious symptoms. They always tell us their situation and ask From us, cancel the appointment and reschedule it up to a month after that, because they are feeling better and have taken due legal action.”

Among the treatments offered, he said, are those with botulinum toxin, fillers, steroids, lipolytic enzyme treatments to eliminate double chin, body treatments, blemishes, and waxing, among others.

Finally, Dr. Stephanie Cruz mentioned that there are many places that profit from misinformation of a patient or people, so her recommendation is that you always investigate first, either by reading or by asking really certified professionals.

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“I would like to continue introducing the culture of aesthetic medicine and demystifying many procedures; sharing the fact that these treatments exist as an alternative to other things and at the same time remove taboos in many procedures that are still believed to be wrong, such as Botox.”

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