“I can’t stand this damn thing!” ; Pen drips disturb King Charles III | video

“I can’t stand this damn thing!”  ;  Pen drips disturb King Charles III |  video

“I can’t stand this damn thing!”Carlos III said this Tuesday, during a ceremony during his visit to Northern Ireland, after being given a pen to sign a document dripping with ink and smudge his hand.

This is the second time that the new king of the United Kingdom has shown his queen Frustration and irritation during such procedures.

The first was last Saturday during his time Proclamation of a new king.

In both cases, the king’s gestures and expressions were recorded and spread on social networks, leading to criticism of Charles III and even Comparisons with his mother Elizabeth II.

In this second video, Carlos III is heard asking about the date. When his anger becomes visible They told him it was September 13th 12 wrote.

Oh God, I hate this (pen)!said the king, and handed the pen to his wife, the queen’s wife, and arose at once.

“Oh, look, it goes everywhere,” said Camila, while Carlos wiped his fingers.

One of the attendees approaches to remove the pen.

I can’t stand this damn thing!he judged the king as he continued to clean his fingers and walked out of the hall.

Charles III, who was visiting Northern Ireland as part of a tour of the United Kingdom to mourning for his motherby cheering crowds and welcoming speeches, before making his pledge to the area.

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