“I never closed the doors to Honduras, my dream is to play for the national team”

“I never closed the doors to Honduras, my dream is to play for the national team”


Objective of a 19-year-old Honduran football playerIt started to pay off by signing it before Orlando City Football Leagues United States NEXT PRO. And now he is living a dream, a window into a promising future that the Honduran Federation should not shy away from.

It’s about the midfielderTo Eric Gunera, born San Pedro Sula and parents from Honduras, Which is rated as A “Katracha Jewel” For his outstanding technical quality and vision of the game and its development at its best on the pitch.

“I’m very creative, I love playing with the team and being in attendance,” Gunera says in an interview with DIEZ.

The “Magical” katrachoand go to Lands “Uncle Sam” dSince he was 11 years old, it is there that he took his first steps as a player, standing out in the various secondary categories in which he developed.

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He began his speech by saying, “It was a very great experience since the footballer dreamed of traveling abroad to play for other teams, and thank God, it has gone well for me in recent years because I played in the United States.” DIEZ during the interview.

at 2019 Gunera spent a short time in Vida de La Ceiba, At the time he was taken out by Fernando Araujo, however, he played only three months in reserve and was unable to detail his magic on the pitch in the first division, a situation that forced him to seek his early departure.

For the same year, he signed it FC Dallas (USL Class) He was only 17 years old, but then the epidemic came, “It didn’t go well for me, I was there for a year and at that moment the coronavirus fell, so things didn’t go as well as I expected,” he recalls.

dual nationality

In case Eric Junior Is a special case, a few years ago he was participating in a mini-selection tournament, however, after a long time it was not taken into account by the federation, but still his ideal is to play for the Honduran national team, despite having a US passport.

“The epidemic delayed everything, after which it was no longer taken into account. I have always been working since day one, when I had the opportunity, to play for the national team. I know the opportunity will come and when that comes I will be happy.”

When asked if he would be willing to play for the United States, he noted, “This has always been there, but I haven’t closed the doors to Honduras, my dream is to play in the first team. It will be something that needs to be consulted with the family, not a decision he will take alone. The doors are not closed. In the face of anyone, but my dream is to play for Honduras.”

He added, “They (the family) will always support me, they agree with what I decide, but our hearts and our family are with Honduras. Now we are just waiting for an opportunity.”

at the momentEric Junera andcompete in MLS Next Pro, orIn the football leagueThe United States and Canada are affiliated with the Major League Soccer Where another young Honduran promise chimes as well: Jesus Batiz

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