Patricia Bullrich travels to the United States to promote her presidential project | He will visit the State Department and meet with members of Congress

In order not to lose Horacio Rodriguez Laretta in the presidential race, Patricia Bullrich will tour the United States with a goal of 2023. A few months after the trip of the Prime Minister of Buenos Aires, the President of the PRO will arrive on North American soil to meet with officials of the State Department, members of Congress, businessmen and economists.

In this way, the former Minister of Cambiemos is progressing in her presidential project that began to take shape with her trips inside the country and continues with an international tour whose main focus will be international security, new technologies and closer relations with representatives of economic power.

Prior to the trip, Bullrich met with the US ambassador to Argentina, Mark Stanley, where they discussed his political aspirations. “I am pleased to learn more about Bullrich’s upcoming trip to several major US cities and his view on the future growth of US-Argentine relations,” the diplomat posted on social media after the meeting.

The PRO chief’s itinerary includes a visit to San Francisco on Monday for a layover in Silicon Valley, departure for New York on Tuesday, where she will be interviewed by CNN, and arriving in Washington on Wednesday. There, he will take part in a debate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies – a US think-tank – lead a lunch at Citibank and attend a meeting with experts on Latin America at the Wilson Center. He will also hold a meeting of the Council of the Americas and speak with students at Georgetown University.

The highlight of the tour will be his visit to the State Department, where an appointment is scheduled with Mark Wells and Bruce Friedman, Director of Brazil and Southern Cone Affairs. The trip also includes a meeting at the Capitol with members of Congress.

Finally, on Saturday, he will travel to Chicago for the annual Masters Argentina Conference. Along with UCR Senator Alfredo Cornejo and Avanza Libertad MP José Luis Espert, he will be part of a talk titled “An Unlikely Consensus for the Next Argentina”.

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