I use my presidential account to see memes, says Neb Bukele of Luisito Comunica


President The saviorAnd the Here to watchFeatured on YouTube Mexican Podcast, Luisito continuesHe said that in addition to issuing executive orders through his Twitter account, he uses them to watch memes.

In the previous days, Luisito participated in the meeting with the Salvadoran president, accompanied by his friend and also on YouTube, John Bertow, Commonly known asWharf ohHowever, in social media posts, only the meeting was recorded, as was a tour of the presidential residence, and as of Thursday, the episode “In the Curtains” was published.

In the podcast, and to YouTube users’ amazement, about personal management of the boss’s account, Luisito Comunica concluded that the boss would have another personal account to display the memes on social networks, given Bukele’s rejection.

El Salvador said: “No, no, I am using the same thing.” I add, “Sometimes I come back to them and tweet them too. What’s more, I just saw.” Stories On Instagram (Luisito) and if I search, it means millions have seen you, but if I searched, I have seen it through my (presidential) account. ”

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In the speech, the president, who is one of the youngest presidents in the world, called himself an “alternative media lover”, despite the fact that many NGOs lamented his behavior with such media outlets, such as The lighthouse.

In that sense, Bukele said he almost never gave interviews, but did confirm that he agreed to rehearse with a pair of YouTubers since they had a greater range and more relaxed tone.

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He also noted that interest in politics in his country is changing in part due to the (digital) contacts his administration makes as well as actions with his government.

Likewise, in addition to talking about politics and the media, the trio talked about Buckley’s routine as president, his hours, his role as a father, social media, and an icon. Personal photo at the United Nations conference In 2019.

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