I go as a pilgrim of peace and hope


His Holiness Pope Francis sent a video message to the people of Iraq on the occasion of his upcoming apostolic journey, which will take place from 5 to 8 March, in which he indicated that he was going as a penitent pilgrim, peace and hope, and thanked the testimony of the Christians of this “martyr church.”

After saying the traditional salutation in Arabic. “assalam lakumWhich means peace be upon you. The Holy Father indicated that he wants “to meet you, to see your faces, and to visit your land, the ancient and unusual cradle of civilization.

“I go as a pilgrim, as The repentant pilgrim We ask God for forgiveness and reconciliation after years of war and terror, and we ask God to console hearts and heal wounds, “the Supreme Pontiff said.

In addition, the Pope stressed that he goes “like a pilgrim of peace to repeat: all of them are brothers” and added that he goes like “Pilgrim of peace Searching for brotherhood, driven by the desire to pray together and walk together, as well as with brothers and sisters from other religious traditions, in the sign of Father Abraham, who unites Muslims, Jews and Christians in one family.

Dear Christian brothers and sisters, who have witnessed faith in Jesus in the midst of severe trials, I look forward to seeing you. I am honored to meet a martyr church: Thank you for your testimony! The Pope warned.

In this context, the Holy Father asked the many martyrs they met “to help us persevere in the humble power of love,” adding that they “still have in their eyes the images of the destroyed homes and the defiled churches, and in their hearts. The wounds of love they left behind and the abandoned homes.”

The pontiff stressed, “I would like to offer you the affectionate caress of the whole Church, which is close to you and the martyr of the Middle East, which encourages you to move forward.”

After that, the Pope encouraged not to give up “before the spread of evil: the ancient sources of wisdom in their lands directed us to another place, to do like Abraham, who left everything, never lost hope and trust in God, and gave life to his offspring. The number of stars in the sky” which he called To look at the stars because “there is our promise.”

He added, “My dear brothers and sisters, I have thought about you a lot in these years, how much, how many have suffered so much, but you did not kill.”

In this sense, the Holy Father stressed that he is now going to “his blessed and wounded land Hajj Al-AmalHe recalled that “in Nineveh the prophecy of Jonah was repeated, which prevented perdition and brought a new hope, which is God’s hope.” Let us allow ourselves to be struck by this hope, which encourages us to rebuild and start over. “

“In these difficult times of the pandemic, let us help each other to strengthen brotherhood and build a future of peace together,” the Pope called for peace and the blessing of the Most High and asked everyone to accompany him with a sentence.

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