A girl falls from a 12-storey building and is caught by a delivery person – Uno TV


a Delivery man Avoid a fatal outcome: manage to capture A. little girl Three-year-old who fell off Twelfth floor It is a residential building located in Hanoi, Capital Vietnam.

The events took place last Sunday. However, rescue photos gained importance and Virus at Social media, How The social networking site Facebook s Twitter, In the past hours.

Valuable work Delivery man, Recognition Nguyen Ngoc ManhIt was recorded on a video tape by the residents of the building and bystanders who were at the time walking in the area, not knowing what to do.

The girl supports herself with one arm so that she does not fall into the void

According to local media Your threeEvents occurred when the minor climbed the balcony rails and was suspended from the outside of the tall building, supported by one arm. Seconds later, what was expected happened: The girl couldn’t stand her weight and ended up falling into the void.

Seconds before the youngest falls off the top of the building, Nguyen Ngoc Manh He noticed the impending fall, as desperate cries for help from some neighbors alerted him to what was happening right above him.

Once the minor, who was seconds away from the fall, finds out, then Delivery man He rushed out of his car and climbed a metal roof on the first floor, under the balcony from which the girl was suspended, and managed to catch her.

Despite the stunning fall, the minor sustained a broken leg and arm. Meanwhile, Nguyen Ngoc Manh He introduced the twist, which he underestimated, because, otherwise, the end of the story would have been fatal.

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