6.3 earthquake hits Larissa, Greece; Damage report


Earthquake of magnitude 6.3, According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), it was recorded on Wednesday near the Greek city of Larissa.

Its residents took to the streets, frightened by the strong movement he felt on Wednesday morning.

Users have posted on social networks some videos where you can see the size of the earthquake that shook Greece.

According to the Athens Geodynamic Observatory, The epicenter was located 21 km south of the town of Alasuna, near Larissa and 350 km from Athens.

Local authorities are assessing the damage caused by the earthquakeAs a result of landslides that damaged the road network, according to the Civil Protection.

Here is another video of the earthquake that shook central Greece today:

What are the cities affected by the earthquake?

The The cities of Damasi, Missouri and Ternavus, Where there is a major flaw, They are the most affected, according to experts.

“There have been no casualties in the southeast so far,” said Yannis Kokoras, mayor of Ternavos, which is 2.5 km from the epicenter.

“The school was damaged and the teachers were able to remove the children from the building very quickly, and there were no injuries,” Sky told Radio.

“It was a very strong earthquake. The towers of the two churches were severely damaged. The houses in Damasy are old and there is damage.” A resident of the radio said.

He added that at least five aftershocks with a magnitude of 3.4 to 5.7 were felt in the next hour.

Greece has major geological defects

Greece goes through major geological faults and earthquakes are frequentEspecially at sea, it often causes no injuries.

The Another deadly earthquake in Greece, Class 7, dating back to 30 October 2020 in the Aegean Sea, Between the Greek island of Samos and the Turkish city of Smyrna.

Two teenagers were killed on the Greek island, while the earthquake in Turkey left 114 people dead and about 1,35 injured.

It was the deadliest earthquake in the past three decades in Greece It was 1999 near Athens, it reached a magnitude of 5.9 and claimed 143 lives.

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