Ibercaja prepares new activities for young people focusing on science, culture and health

Ibercaja prepares new activities for young people focusing on science, culture and health

Starting next year, the Ibercaja Youth Space will host a wide range of activities and proposals being jointly promoted by the Ibercaja Foundation and St. George’s University of Zaragoza through a youth-focused cooperation agreement. The sessions will be on topics that may be of interest such as science, sports or culture and there will also be talks about their future work.

The objectives are business development that contributes to responding to the new needs that occur, particularly in the university environment. With this in mind, activities are proposed to inspire young people on an artistic and cultural level and train them in vocational and life skills, in addition to promoting initiatives that contribute to personal care, health and well-being.

The proposals submitted include the joint organization of conferences, courses, conferences and seminars, the conduct of academic or research studies, the provision of scientific and technical advice, the promotion of the trade union movement, the development of activities in the Ibercaja Youth Space, as well as the internships for students at St. George’s University.

In addition, there will be talks on the future employment of young people focusing on various fields, such as biomedical professions, the world of video games, technology, and jobs in multicultural environments or in audio-visual media. In addition, activities that will address science are included, such as “Real-Life Applied Research” and the celebration of “Women in Science Week”.

In terms of health, there will be workshops on mental health, nutrition and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, as well as sports-related events. On the other hand, a course of “Life Skills Academy” talks and artistic and cultural proposals will be held.

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