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at a big party Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education AC. I credit ‘s tutorial Medical Surgeon at ICEST School of Medicine, Tampico Campus 2000by connecting the board.

The event was held last Friday afternoon in the auditorium “Lic. Carlos Dorantes del Rosal” subordinate Institute of Science and Postgraduate Studies in Tamaulipas.

Among the guests was Dr. Alejandro Porras Wong, Deputy Medical Director of Carlos Canseco General Hospital. Lc. Sandra L. Avila Ramirez ME, Dean of ICEST, Dr. Juan Hernandez, Technical and Operational Secretary of the Mexican Council on Accreditation of Medical Education AC; Dr. Jorge Armando Luna Hernandez, Director, ICEST School of Medicine; Dr. Joel Laurido, Academic Secretary of Medical College of Tampico from UATamong other things.

This is the second time you have received this painting

It is worth noting that this is the second accreditation you will receive ICEST Medical Collegefor which this event repositions itself as a responsible educational institution committed to training high-quality human resources in the field of health.

The painting was delivered by Dr. Juan Hernandez Hernandez, Technical and Operational Secretary for Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education, to Lic. Sandra L. Avila Ramirez, President of the University.

The award is a general recognition of institutions that comply with their programs

Immediately Dr. Juan Hernandez Hernandez, He delivered his message, stressing that “the accreditation granted by the Eat It is general recognition and is given to those programs that meet the criteria, indicators and quality standards previously established by our organization and that are compatible in the areas of structure, organization, operation, supplies, teaching and service operations, but above all results. .

Those results that we may not notice but are the ones that we give to the societyAnd today, more than ever, in this emergency situation that the world has faced, we note that results meet these needs that the society“.

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There was a picture of the memory

Before the ceremony concluded, members of the Presidency, general managers and the administrative body of the authority attended ICEST Medical College To take a photo of the memory.

In this way, this ceremony was carried out Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education AC. I credit ‘s tutorial Medical Surgeon at ICEST Medical SchoolAnd Tampico 2000 Campusby connecting the board.

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