“If he’s driving a police officer in the United States, stop me, I won’t stop”

“If he’s driving a police officer in the United States, stop me, I won’t stop”

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Nine Olympic gold medals and one silver, won in Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 88, Barcelona 92 ​​and Atlanta 96. He was named one of the best athletes of the century by the International Association of Athletics Federations and Athletes of the Century by the International Olympic Committee. It makes you think that Superman like Lewis says he’s lived racism in his body his whole life. His parents fought alongside their friend Martin Luther King for civil rights, and Rosa Parks often looked after young Carl and his siblings. He tells me about the 1921 Tulsa massacre of blacks, and reviews the history of American racism to the present day. Don’t live on memories. He was the godfather of the presentation ceremony of the second edition of the Universal Games organized by the Sanitas Foundation to be held in Madrid in 2024.

The greatest athlete of all time…

It’s a consideration I appreciate, but what I did was the simplest thing in all sports: I ran the fastest and jumped.

The son of the wind.

To be called so special to me is to be a part of nature, and it makes me feel so powerful.

At the age of 17, he was already part of the Olympic team. Too immature?

Yes, those around me were in my twenties, but I could go back to my high school after competing, and that gave me stability.

What is the most important thing in your life?

Feeling supported all my life, by my parents, my coaches, my wife…

His parents were friends of Martin Luther King.

They had a very intimate relationship. As a Baptist priest, he baptized my two older brothers. My parents were involved with him in the civil rights movement. Since the fifties they have participated in the rallies and the famous bus strike.

Have you met Rosa Parks?

She was a babysitter more than once because our parents helped each other. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man and was arrested, a strike began that lasted more than a year.

No lions ever boarded the bus again.

Yes, until they gave up. They met in the church and there they saw someone who needed a ride. My parents were college professors and had a car.

Is the son of the wind exposed to racism?

Certainly, and to this day I suffer from racism every day.


Every African American person experiences racism on a personal level.

What is the saddest situation you have been in?

The discrimination was constant, daily, simple things like the tone of eggs when addressing you. I have suffered from racism throughout my career, for example the way the media has judged me.

to doping.

In the 2003 US Olympic team trials before Seoul 88. They were cold medicine and
She refused. Do you know what’s new?

What is happening?

If you experience racism on a daily basis, you end up underestimating it. If I was now driving through my hometown, Houston, and a police officer told me to stop, I wouldn’t.


I would call a TV channel or go on a YouTube channel and tell them that the police are telling me to stop without committing any crime.

why are you doing that?

Read the report that the police provided when they strangled and killed George Floyd and then watch the video made by witnesses, you’ll realize that the report is an absolute lie, and that’s what we’re going through.

He entered politics, what was he supposed to do?

In 2011 I ran as a Democratic candidate for the New Jersey State Senate, and my priority was racial issues, which determine the quality of services and pensions. Discrimination in the United States is systemic.

He was an actor and a music producer.. Was it hard for him to find his way?

The day I retired was one of the best days of my life, I was 36 years old and I was ready to start my next phase, and believe it or not, all those things I worked on because it’s the foundation of what I’m doing now.

Giving motivational lectures.

Yes, already part of my company Trademarks I’ve been a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Food and Agriculture since 2009, and I’ve focused on issues such as the fight against hunger and world food security.

He has his own foundation.

Yes, and I am involved in many others.

What do you want to change?

I travel to many countries and have contacts with many people, from ordinary people to presidents and prime ministers. My goal is to help redistribute food and eliminate hunger, if we want it, not to lack food. I have a hidden longing.

Too secret?

Get rid of social idiots, starting with Donald Trump.

The Bible says: “The number of fools is infinite.”

I will never tire of defending family, education, opportunities, without exception, for youth, and physical exercise.

I was a vegetarian athlete.

I still think the most important part of being physically prepared is the diet. While active I’ve been a strict vegetarian, with this diet I’ve improved my performance, and still do.

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