Kenya and Uganda dominate the Guadalajara International Marathon

Kenya and Uganda dominate the Guadalajara International Marathon

Guadalajara, Galle, November 6, 2022. – With the participation of 6000 runners, the Guadalajara International Marathon was held this Sunday, led by Kenya and Uganda.

The most important athletics exhibition in the capital Jalisco was a road with a length of 42,195 kilometers, which on this occasion returned to the historical center and toured part of the eastern part of the city.

Within the framework of this competition, the sixth edition of the relay race was held, in which Pablo Lemos Navarro, Mayor of Guadalajara, took part, with a time of one hour, one minute and 47 seconds, covering 10.90 kilometers of the road in the company of Juan Pablo, a young man with a disability.

The mayor’s team for said relay competition consisted of Karina Hermosillo Ramirez, the mayor’s will; Andrea Blanco Calderon, General Coordinator of Community Building.

“I am very happy, very excited to participate here in the Guadalajara Marathon in the relay mode (…) Once again, the Guadalajara Marathon is going back to its origins, to the historical center, and to the east of the city. The truth is that I am very excited, we will run this method of relay in a comprehensive way Using a stroller, we push a person

Whoever has a handicap, well, it’s going to be a very nice, well-hydrated, well-equipped, very safe race,” said Lemos Navarro.

The departure of the participants was next to the Cabañas Cultural Institute, one of the most famous buildings of the municipality and entity, as well as the goal was posted outside the Municipal Palace of Guadalajara; Four matches were played between 6:20 and 7:00 AM for the senior athletes, elite athletes, seeded athletes, the general start and the relay.

The route included routes such as: República, Francisco Sarabia, Revolución, Calzada del Ejército, González Gallo, Héroes Ferrocarrileros, Washington, Niños Héroes, Arboledas, Lázaro Cárdenas, Niño Ignacioro, L. In front of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Contestants were able to enjoy the city’s most representative landmarks, such as Hospicio Cabañas, Plaza de la Bandera, Glorieta Minerva, Puente Matute Remus, Arcos del Milenio, Glorieta Niños Héroes and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

For this competition there were eight traditional categories and three categories for people with disabilities; In the relay race, the teams were made up of four runners and two runners.

The results were:

Men’s Elite Athletic Class

first place. Edwin Kibet Kwech (Kenya), with a time of 2:10:19.

2nd place. Kenneth Kiplagat Limo (Kenya), with a time of 2:10:46.

the third place. Simon Shebrot (Kenya), with a time of 2:11:22.

Women’s Elite Athletic Class

first place. Toroitich Linet Chebet (Uganda), time 2:30:50.

2nd place. Jamila Wartesa Shore (Ethiopia), with a time of 2:32:48.

the third place. Isabel Guadalupe Oropeza Vázquez (Mexico), with a time of 2:34:48.

Disabled athletes category

1st place – Martin Velasco Soria (Mexico), with a time of 1:41:53.

Second place – Fernando Sanchez Nava (Mexico), with a time of 1:46:43.

Third place: Luis Francisco Sanclemente (Colombia) with a time of 1:47:05.

The award ceremony was presided over by the mayor of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemos Navarro, who presented the medals to the top places in these categories.

There was a global prize pool of 1,700,000 pesos for the various categories of the marathon, as well as the relay race.

The medal for the 38th edition of the 2022 Guadalajara International Marathon was designed by Jalisco artist Sergio Garval. The main symbol of the proposal is La Corredora, which is designed to present spatial sensations such as perspective, placing a runner framed in a semicircle of roses as an allegory of Guadalajara.

The aforementioned medal is made of zamak with mixed finishes of nickel plating, satin silver, and copper plating. It measures 12cm high by 8cm wide and 1.6cm wide.

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