Jordan Diaz, Major Leger who tutored children in Medellin

Jordan Diaz, Major Leger who tutored children in Medellin

Colombian baseball player Jordan David Diaz Sandoval He was surrounded by children and young people who looked at him and listened intently in Baseball diamond Luis Alberto Villegas of Medellin.

In a squatting position, he put on his left hand the leather glove with which the balls are received and with the strong delight of Cordoba, he explained the technique to the boys … “You should open your palms as much as possible and put it on the ground, lower it. This way they will be able to receive the ball better and they will be in An advantage for throwing it; always put the right leg in front.”

Diaz is 22 years old, 1.78 meters tall, with dark, plump hair. He was born in Monteria and on September 17, 2022 he made his debut with Auckland Athletics In the Major League Baseball (MLB).

He plays second base, where he has to confront the hitters, try to catch the balls, and try to kick out those who seek to get into second place or steal them, if that is the case.

“Thank God I achieved my goal of playing in the big leagues. It was something I dreamed of when I was watching my role model on TV. Then I went step by step, I made many sacrifices, like going to live on my own, and then I was able to get into the MLB.”

Jordan’s childhood idol was an American Alex Rodriguez, He was remembered to play for the New York Yankees and was considered one of the best baseball players in history. He always wore the number 13 on his back, just like Diaz.

“I like to play with 13 because he used it. Also because I was born on August 13. I play now with a score of 75 because it was the one that was assigned to me when I was promoted to the Major League A team, but next year I hope to get my favorite number.”

long process

Diaz is the 30th Colombian baseball player to reach the highest category in American baseball, the tournament in which the best players in the world participate. He came to her after a 10-year training process, immigrating to the Dominican Republic, where he was signed by the Oakland Athletics.

They saw and improved his qualities in their nurseries, where he spent 15 days and then transported him to the United States. There he was a beginner, then an advanced beginner. And he continued to advance until he reached the Triple League (the previous step for the major tournaments). He was there for a month and then made his MLB debut.” Jorge DiazHis father.

family dream

Diaz is a member of a family that has always been associated with baseball. It all started when his paternal grandfather “installed” a “hot ball” chip on his father, who was a professional baseball player for Columbia and ran, among other teams, Cartagena Indians and the Winery in Antioquia.

“In my family it breathes, it eats, it lives baseball, and it is now a source of life for everyone,” he emphasized.

Jordan fulfilled the dream his family always fought for, and now he continues to work hard to have a good season with athletics next year, because “the important thing is not to get there, but to stay in the big leagues”. He also wants to be a role model for new generations of baseball players.


Matches Jordan Diaz played in his first season in MLB with the Oakland Athletics.

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