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The US team struggled to return to a world Cupin the midst of a transitional period that took a few years, and thanks to that, it will be in World Cup Qatar 2022.

The Northern Fund met with Canada and Mexico, among the direct qualifiers for CONCACAF. Now, his first goal is to surprise in Group B, to reach the Round of 16.

The United States will be in their position with the England national team, as well as Wales and Iran, two teams with which the second place will have to fight in order to advance.

The first appearance in the tournament comes one day after the official opening, when the Wales team faces, in what will be the second match of the competition, and the first on the second day.

The United States hopes to do well in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Pictured: Gerardo Mora

World Cup Qatar 2022 Who owns broadcast rights in the United States?

In a country where football is not the main sport, they have managed to sell this system very well as “football”, to the point of developing Major League Soccer, one of the most exciting on the continent.

His team’s matches were well attended, and television stations doubled to carry the events of his matches.

In the United States, Fox Sports and FS1 own the broadcast rights, which will broadcast the 64 World Cup matches in English.

In Spanish, the rights belong to Telemundo, Universo Studios and Peacock, which will also transmit the 64 meetings.


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