Qatar 2022 World Cup: This is the right time in the United States to watch the opening of the World Cup | football | Sports

As in all world Cup, The opening act is significant and engaging, not only because of the message that will be given, but also because of the music and colors they bring to each performance. And this year, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will not be the exception.

In the United States, interest in “football” and with it, what the national team does, is growing.

The same people who go to MLS stadiums enjoy their team and are familiar with it, and aspire to advance to the group stage.

The United States has prepared well for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
Photo: Hi Velasco

In the midst of this, there is also the interest that the opening chapter can arouse, since then Since the start of the World Cup Finals, there is always a moment before to introduce the participants, give a message and entertain the audience in both the stadium and the millions of spectators.

Qatar World Cup 2022: Time for the US to see the opening

Shakira can be present at the opening ceremony, in what will be her second performance at the opening of the World Cup, after her presence in South Africa 2010. The Colombian could be accompanied by BTS and Dua Lipa.

According to the schedules, the opening match can be watched at 11:00 Washington time, the capital of the United States. The opening ceremony will start at 9:00.


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