If Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan, the military will take action – El Financiero

If Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan, the military will take action – El Financiero

China He warned again that his army would take action if he were the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi carry out a Historic visit to TaiwanIn Taipei, speculation has mounted that he might arrive there on Tuesday.

The People’s Liberation Army “will not stand idly by” if Pelosi visits TaiwanChinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Monday, repeating similar statements made by the Ministry of Defense last week.

“Her status as the No. 3 US official means that the trip will be very sensitive,” Zhao told a regular press conference in Beijing. “As for the procedures, let’s wait and see if she is adamant about this visit.”

This was reported by various media in Taiwan Pelosi may meet Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen On Wednesday, without mentioning where they got the information. Private TVBS reported that several hotels in downtown Taipei have been booked for her delegation, and one of its reporters said on Twitter that Pelosi will arrive on Tuesday.

There has been much speculation that Pelosi will visit Taiwan this week, risking a harsh response from China, which regards the autonomous island as its territory.

China has fewer military options than invasion, and there is little sign that Beijing is planning anything bigger. China has responded to previous visits by foreign officials with major incursions into the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone or across the mid-line dividing the strait.

Pelosi left Taiwan off her itinerary in a statement issued Sunday announcing her Asia trip, which will also include a stop in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. The overall program also did not include Indonesia, which will host the G20 leaders’ summit in November. Bloomberg reported last week that Pelosi would stop in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

His trips come before Chinese leaders head to the coastal city of Beidaihe for an annual summer meeting. The president Xi Jinping He is just months away from changing the leadership of the Communist Party twice in a decade, when he is expected to win a third term in office, raising the political stakes.

The moment means that Nothing can appear weak In response to what Beijing considers foreign interference in your affairs. China held live-fire exercises over the weekend off the coast of Fujian Province, facing Taiwan.

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