Lebanon: The collapse of Beirut silos two years after the explosion

It happened nearly two years after an explosion that killed 215 people. Photo: AFP

in Lebanonpart of silos Grain from port Beirut I know collapsed An eyewitness told the International News Agency, on Sunday, July 31 (July) last, that it caused a thick cloud of dust and smoke. Reuters.

The event takes place nearly two years after a massive explosion that killed 215 people and severely damaged the port.

announce the fire collapse From silos in LebanonAnd the Beirut

A fire broke out in the northern part of silos For about three weeks, it emits an orange glow that can be seen at night from nearby neighbourhoods.

authorities Lebanon Last week warned that the part of structure Beirut could overthrow.

  • There were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries.

The collapse in Beirut It comes four days before the second anniversary of the explosion on August 4, 2020.

How was the explosion in Beirut?

blast in Beirutcaused by a large chemical warehouse that had been in the port for nearly seven years, injuring thousands and destroying the eastern part of the city, leaving tens of thousands of people in the area homeless.

Residents said that the fire that lasted for weeks in the port revived the shock of the explosion, for which no one has been held accountable until now.

authorities Lebanon They said that the fire that caught in silos It was difficult to extinguish, and it occurred naturally as a result of fermentation and ignition of wheat residue.

It should be noted that some witnesses to the events began broadcasting videos of the exact moment when the structure began to collapse.

  • Some of these photos are already circulating on social networks.

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