If you have this surname, you can apply for Spanish citizenship

The flag is flying in Spain. (Reuters)

Obtaining dual citizenship entails a series of political rights and duties, in addition to enjoying some advantages such as the ability to live in the countries to which it belongs and can be obtained after a series of requirements.

However, Spain allows 2015, That some people can obtain citizenship as long as they have a title of Jewish origin, since this sector of the European country has been expelled since 1942 and we will reveal the list below.

According to the Consulate General of Spain, in order to be able to request that citizenship, the main thing is to have the surname of Sephardic origin, that is, they are originally from that country.

In order to know the documentation and be able to implement the request, a special platform has been enabled by the Ministry of Justice, which can be consulted at the following link. click here.

Mexico has a large variety of surnames.  (Photo: Reuters)
Mexico has a large variety of surnames. (Photo: Reuters)

It must be remembered that in Mexico there are many surnames that are considered Sephardic, and who may consider applying for Spanish citizenship. According to El Español, there are 5,220 Sephardic surnames they can have.

What nicknames can apply to that nationality?

*a: Abraham, Acevedo, Acosta, Aguado, Aguilar, Aguilar, Alarcon, Alba, Aldana, Alcala, Allegri, Alfonso, Alvaro, Almeida, Alonso, Alvarez, Seddik, Amado, Amaya, Aranda.

*NSBaltasar, Paez, Paral, Barrios, Beto, Benavente, Benitez, Bernal, Bravo, Bueno, Bermejo.

*NS: Cabrera, Calvo, Camacho, Campo, Cantos, Carrasco, Carrillo, Carvajal, Castellanos.

*DrDelgado, Diego, Diaz, Duque, Dominguez, Doran, Dorado, Duarte.

*NS: Enrique, Enriquez, Espego, Esperanza, Espinosa, Escudero, Esteban.

*FFajardo, Fernandez, Ferrer, Ferrero, Figueroa, Flores, Fuentes, Fuertes.

*NSGalvez, Garcia, Gato, Garzon, Gil, Jimeno, Jimenez, Gomez, Granado, Gonzalez, Gutierrez.

*NS: Haro, Henríquez, Hernández, Heredia, Holgado, Herrera, Huerta, Hurtado.

*I: Ibanez, Israel, left.

*y: Gian, Jimenez, Jimeno, Jorge, Juarez and Julian.

*TheLazaro, Lille, Lara, Larios, Leyva, Leon, Lima, Linares, Lobato, Lobo, Lopez, Lorca, Lorenzo.

*NSMadrid, Madrigal, Macias, Machado, Manuel, Marquez, Marchena, Marcos, Martinez, Marin.

*n: Nájera, Navarro, Navas, Nieto, and Núñez.

*NS: Ocampo, Ochoa, Olivos, Olmos, Oliva, Ordonez, Olivares, Orellana, Ortega, Ortiz.

*sPacheco, Padilla, Palma, Palomino, Pardo, Paredes, Barriga, Barra, Paz, Pascual, Pedraza, Pena, Perez.

With dual citizenship, you can enter and leave the countries to which you belong.  EFE / Cristobal Herrera
With dual citizenship, you can enter and leave the countries to which you belong. EFE / Cristobal Herrera

*s: Quirós, burnt.

*sRamirez, Ramos, Real, Rey, Reina, Ribera, Ricardo, Rivero, Robles, Roca, Rivas, Rodriguez, Ruiz.

*sSalgado, Salinas, Salas, Salazar, Salcedo, Salvador, Sanchez, Sancho, Serrano, Sierra, Silva.

*T: Talavera, Toledo, Torrey, Torres, Wheat.

*WL: Abeda, Aurea, Urutia.

*Fifth: Valero, Valle, Vara, Varela, Vargas, Vázquez, Vega, Velázquez, Vera, Vergara, Villanueva, Vidal.

*With: Zalazar, Zaragoza, Zuniga.

One of the advantages of dual citizenship is that you can live in both countries to which you belong, without problems; You have a better health or education system. On the subject of taxes, in some cases you may pay less or not pay, it depends on the nation.

Before acquiring any citizenship, it is advisable to know the laws of each country to know the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Since 2015, Spain and Portugal have passed a series of laws that seek to reform Jewish communities that have been expelled from their lands. In order to comply with this initiative, an invitation has been made in the world in which those who have shown their Sephardic origins can hold Spanish or Portuguese.

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