They found a primitive human bed at least 40,000 years ago in a cave in South Africa



November 30, 2021 20:26 GMT

The bed was made of herbs and held some pieces of ocher and elaborate stone, indicating that it belonged to a primitive person.

Archaeologists in South Africa have identified among the finds that were found in a cave near the group of sites known as cradle of mankind, which is a kind of straw bed that people use Between 40,000 and 60,000 years old.

This prototype herbaceous mattress, partially preserved in Border’s Cave, contains small fragments of stone tools and bits of ocher, evidence that it actually belonged to a human. Maybe it was about two metersArchaeologists estimate that they reported About this object in Quaternary Science Reviews.

The authors admit that the remains of this Paleolithic bed have not been fully preserved because some of the grassy parts have been excavated before, where they have not been identified. The scientists subjected these traces to analysis by radiocarbon-electron magnetic resonance spectroscopy, which allowed them to determine their age.

The herbal bed has been deposited on plaster pillar With many stems, leaves, seeds and slivers of charcoal scattered on top. The researchers particularly highlight the presence of a layer of ash in the middle and speculate that when the cave dwellers first arrived, Burn the old bedIt may be infested with insects. Furthermore, they can burn the above herbs when lying on them becomes troublesome.

Near the alleged bed, archaeologists found Some stone tools, including many containing traces of coniferous resin “Podocarpus”, used as glue. In addition, two infant skeletons, an elaborate bone, and some jewelry have been discovered.

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