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Argentina. – sad story Giulietta Anahi Ilondine Traveling the world, it all became a tragedy during the Quincinera period, as he died just minutes after the celebration began for what should have been one of the happiest moments of his life.

The young woman arrived at the reception and received flower arrangements from some of the attendees, and in just one moment everything turned into tragedy when Juliet suddenly collapsed.

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Those present surrounded Juliet as she received resuscitation maneuvers (RCP) is waiting for the ambulance to arrive, according to local media reports.

Efforts to keep her alive were unsuccessful, and Julieta died of cardiogenic apnea upon arrival at the hospital, El Clarín reported.

regional roots

El Clarín newspaper reported that young peopleIn an era fond of folk music, the Ministry of Culture of the Arab Republic of Egypt The Municipality of Escobar recalled its participation in the Raíces Provincianas, as an ambassador for the House of Culture of Maschiwitz.

From the Secretariat of Culture, we want to send our condolences at this sad moment, to the family of Julieta Anahi Ilondin, a very young artist from Maschwitz who was a participant in Raíces Provincianas, Ambassador of Casa de la Cultura de Maschwitz, participated in and wrote the Minister of Culture of the Municipality of Escobar on his Facebook account Escobar Vibra and the 2021 Buenos Aires Games, among other cultural activities.

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