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Citizen’s consent For the work done by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador There was an increase in November, the month the president attended the United Nations, in New York, and a few days later, the trilateral summit, in Washington, D.C., where he met the leaders of the United States and Canada, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, respectively.

According to the latest national survey of FinanceThe level of approval for Lopez Obrador rose from 60 to 66 percent between October and November, while the level of disapproval fell from 38 to 31 percent.

This level of citizen approval The tallest that have been recorded in this publishing house’s poll series since May 2020. The highest number was previously recorded in April of that year, when the approval rating reached 68 percent, reflecting the closing of ranks around the president in response to the crisis and uncertainty about the pandemic, which is known as the impact rally around the flag.

The EL FINANCIERO poll indicates that 63 percent of those interviewed expressed a good or very good opinion of the president’s participation in the United Nations Security Council meeting in New York, while 58 percent gave a good or very good opinion. Well about the President’s participation in the Trilateral Summit in Washington, DC.

In November, the President’s decree was also issued declaring the administration’s infrastructure work a national security, which was known in the media and social networks as decree.

The poll reveals that 58 percent of those interviewed expressed a positive opinion of the presidential decree, compared to 25 percent who gave an unfavorable opinion. However, when asked what they considered most important (speeding up infrastructure work, as the president himself made clear that this was the aim of the decree, or that there is transparency in how public resources are used), 24 percent of those interviewed said they would prefer simplifying procedures and that a majority of 71 percent prefer transparency.

In terms of government performance items, the November survey recorded 74 percent of the best-rated opinion of vaccination, showing a significant increase in the management of the economy, with a favorable opinion of 44 to 54 percent.

Negative opinions of public security and corruption were dominated by 53% and 48%, respectively.

The positive image of the president also recorded important developments in terms of leadership and the ability to achieve results, as it rose 10 and 8 points, respectively, to settle at 61 and 52 percent. The best assessment is still the image of honesty, with 64 percent of the favorable opinion.

And when asked how they would vote in a consultation on repealing the mandate, 62 percent said they would prefer the president continue in office, compared to 34 percent who preferred not.

METHODOLOGY: A national telephone survey was conducted with 1,000 Mexican adults from November 12-13 and November 26-28, 2021. A probability sample of mobile and residential telephones was conducted in the 32 states.

With a confidence level of 95%, the margin of error for the estimates is +/- 3.1%. * Question asked November 12-13 (n=500) ** Question asked November 26-28 (n=500).

Care and Investigation: El Financiero. Design: Alejandro Moreno.

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