If You Love Japanese Culture Give These Three Slots a Spin


For anyone who’s fallen under its spell, there’s something about Japanese culture that’s totally unique. Whether it’s monsters like Godzilla or the quite baffling game of pachinko, there’s just one place where they could have originated. So it’s not surprising that other aspects of Japan and how the Japanese live have been taken up and used as inspiration for many other kinds of entertainment.

One of these is the world of online slots. The great thing about this kind of game is that it lends itself to all kinds of themes and presents them in a colorful and exciting way, often with a vibrant soundtrack to match. Slots are a great vehicle for adapting themes and culture into a playing experience.

So it’s no wonder that the slots are the most popular of all the games on many casino sites. It also comes as a pleasant surprise for players that the welcome bonuses that they offer include a fixed number of free spins on them. For a great example of this, you just have to look at the available online slot games to play. Typically, as well as the number of spins that you receive just to say “hello” when you make an extra deposit of stake money, you can receive even more. Outside of this, there are many games to pick from, and it’s likely you’ll find a theme of your liking.

Japanese Mystery is a great way to kick off your slots’ journey to the land of the Rising Sun. It features a whole host of symbols to take you there, including sandals, a lotus flower, and a teapot like the kind you’d find in the famous tea ceremony. The game also features a geisha who will guide you through as you play. Best of all, this is a game that features what’s called a progressive jackpot – that’s one in which several different games combine their prize funds to offer a possible pay-out of five figures or more.

Where Japanese Mystery captures some of the cultures of classical Japan, Magical Stacks is 100% modern in feel thanks to the amazing graphics and neon colorways that feature heavily on the spinning reels. This helps to create the same kind of dazzling display that a visitor to Tokyo at night would experience, but without leaving the comfort of your own home.

The third of our slots is a real heavyweight of a game – and it’s called Sumo Spins. You’re invited to take your place on the dohyo and imagine that you’re preparing to do battle in Ryogoku. There are a number of rikishi fighters who’ll be there to help you on your way, as well as typical sumo artifacts like the bucket of water, the feast, and the slips on the reels.

So next time you feel like losing yourself for a little while in all things Japanese, order in some sushi and get ready to play.

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