Improved care at the IMSS Family Medicine Unit in Quecatlan

Improved care at the IMSS Family Medicine Unit in Quecatlan

Beneficiaries said that the change made in all areas of the clinic resulted in significant benefits

Written by Adalberto Brena

Quicatlan, Oxa. – The users of Family Medicine Unit No. 13 realized that the director’s strategy of constant dialogue, Mario Enrique López Pacheco, with those who work in this clinic, has left positive outcomes for beneficiaries such as a friendly, serious and responsible treatment.

“Many of us, suffering from the ailments we suffer, are greeted with a smile, a kind treatment, which lessens our suffering. There is friendly talk, friendly treatment and a correct diagnosis. You have to admit it. Just as mistakes or anomalies are often criticized and questioned, one must also To congratulate and recognize when things are going well, which is the case with Family Medicine Unit No. 13 (FMU No. 13),” noted the entitled settlers.

They noted that the improvement includes “from management, administration, continuing medical care, respiratory area, outpatient clinics, nursing, preventive medicine unit, preventive medicine workshop, multi-purpose machine workshop, cleaning.”

Finally, they said, “We hope that this position will last for a long time and they will not change, and that they will maintain this position. The beneficiaries concluded that this law should be an example for other sectors responsible for looking after the health of many families.”

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