The doctor suggests these four options instead of social service in medicine

The doctor suggests these four options instead of social service in medicine
  • Only during the first semester of 2022, 3 murders of medical trainees were reported in the country.
  • All students must complete 12 months of social work in order to graduate from university.
  • One of the main problems at this point is that the model has not been updated in more than half a century.

Over the past few days there has been a discussion Social work in medicine. Every part of the conditions youngsters face during this stage of the race. Although not all but a large number of them were sent to rural areas where high levels of insecurity prevail. For this reason, assaults on aspiring physicians are constantly reported.

An old and outdated practice

Part of the problem is that there are no updates for this commit. For more than 70 years, no changes have been made in legislation despite the fact that the world is not what it used to be.

While the discussion escalated due to the fact that students not only face blows or verbal insults. There were also reports of students being killed in the line of duty. During the first half of 2022 alone, three fatal accidents occurred, each with a name and surname.

  • Mariana Sanchez – January 28.
  • Luis Fernando Montes de Oca Armas – June 30.
  • Eric David Andrade Ramirez – July 15th.

Faced with this scenario, there are more and more voices asking Abolition of social service in medicine. In addition to the danger, it is also criticized that the supplies available to young people are few and not sufficient to care for the sick. Basics like diabetes test strips or baby scales have been documented not working.

Similarly it is mentioned that To provide a professional service to patients, you must have real health professionals, not students. Although one of the reasons, although the government does not recognize this, is the lack of budget.

Little and insignificant support during social service in medicine

In view of the above, it is preferable to send only young people who They get a minimum scholarship of 2500-3000 pesos per month. It is a minimum number that is not sufficient to cover basic expenses.

For the same reason, students often have to live inside health centers or ask any rural citizen about elderly care.

After all the above mentioned the doctor and the analyst Xavier Tello He became one of the main critics Social work in medicine. Although he didn’t ask for it to be removed, he said the ideal would be to change the last year of student training entirely.

Since it is not only about cash but also presentation, you have four options that would be it They will replace the sixth year of racing. Anyone can help train students and not expose them as it is currently happening.

  1. An additional year of university training in a hospital.
  2. 12 months internship in a research lab.
  3. One year of supervised practice in formal family medicine units.
  4. Academic development in new fields to disseminate knowledge in the field of health.

At the moment, what is your opinion of social work in medicine?

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