IMSS Durango continues to intensify preventive measures and medical consultations in family medicine units – call today


  • Residents continue to be invited to return to their appointments with their family doctor

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Durango continues to ramp up preventive measures and medical care for the eligible population, so that they go to their Family Medicine Unit (UMF) and go to medical attention or any procedure of their own pending the causes of the health emergency remained pending.

The medical benefits department of the representative office in Durango reported that the medical units are intensifying the procedures for medical consultations with a specialist and preventive care, with the aim of providing medical services to beneficiaries who need them.

These working days will be in units No. 44, No. 49, No. 50 and in FMU No. 1, therefore it is recommended to contact the Social Work Coordination of the Affiliate Unit.

Among the procedures carried out: examination of arterial hypertension, screening for diabetes, family planning, vasectomy and tubal ligation, nutritional counseling, oral health, resuming in consultation with specialists, studies or surgical procedures, etc.

Family medicine units are coordinated with hospitals and some specialties will be open on weekends or during unusual hours.

It is worth noting that medical care is carried out in accordance with a strict protocol of safety and hygiene to protect patients, as well as institutional cadres assigned to hospital units.

And remember! Do not lower your guard, respect a healthy distance, correct use of covers, go alone with the patient or if requested by a companion, follow safety procedures in clinics, such as using antibacterial gel on entry and temperature check.

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