In Colombia, a female employee records her boss being harassed and beaten by his neighbors: video

In Colombia, a female employee records her boss being harassed and beaten by his neighbors: video
harassing the leader
The woman was harassed at work. Photo: Getty Images/Illustrative.

The employee had to resort to the hidden camera to prove the alleged actions sexual harassment by his boss, a subject who is later beaten by the community upon learning of the case.

Through social networking sites, the video that was recorded of the young employee was shared. while at what would be the facility’s warehouse where she was doing her work.

“No, let me go! Now!”

At the 54th second, of the material of 2 minutes and 20 seconds, a subject in a black shirt and blue pants appears on the spot She goes with the woman to touch her hips, as well as kiss her.

Although the employee refuses and complains about his behavior, the man continues to touch her and even puts his hands on her breasts. “No, let me go now!‘ says the employee, nodding to the fact of it Help her with the chores to put aside.

The police intervene after hitting the suspect

In the second video, you can see security elements Arriving at the place where the suspect with facial injuries is located, while people gathered at the scene They ask to show the recording made by the young employee.

Regarding what happened, local media reported that the alleged harassment took place in a restaurant It is located in the historical center of Cartagena, Colombia; And the man who committed the crime and the woman’s boss is Carlos Esquivel.

Residents of the neighborhood of Gethsemane are from They were going to beat Carlos Esquivel after finding out what happened With the young lady, because it wouldn’t be the first time.

for his part, Wilson Javier Parada Gonzalez, Chief of Police of the City of Cartagenaindicated that the power already “Accompanying through this woman’s advice to file a corresponding complaint, since there was no communication, as the video was recorded days before the events“.

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