In Economy 3.0, Metaverses Will Create Jobs for Millions by Cointelegraph

In Economy 3.0, metaviruses will create jobs for millions of people

Job creation has traditionally been engineered by politicians, who are desperate to get the country back to work and are seen as a stimulus to the economy. From job-creating programs during the Great Depression to President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act, employment plans have a long and volatile history. Today, promoting meaningful employment for the masses remains as popular as ever with policy makers, however it is unlikely that the next big job creation plan will come out as a top-down order.

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Instead, it will emerge from a world that most politicians don’t command and have few powers to control: the Metaverse. This virtual parallel to the physical world is not confined to national borders, nor is it the fiefdoms of social media companies that ironically fit their name.

The metaverse consists of an interconnected series of virtual worlds where humanity can recreate, interact and transact. As an avatar, its users are free to switch between games, meeting spaces, and marketplaces, and recreate many tasks previously limited to physical space.

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