In Nagano you can buy a house for $453 to live in Japan

The area started offering these homes at low prices. Photo: AFP

If you are one interested in living in Japan, The Asian country offers homes for 50,000 yen or $453 so you can get your own home in NaganoIt is a town surrounded by mountains, located near the Chikuma River, 371 meters from the sea.

As reported by the local government, The area started offering these homes at low prices بأسعارIn an effort to fill the vacant buildings within the framework of the plan of the Population Advancement Department, which is also concerned with immigration issues.

Also, as part of efforts to attract new homeowners who want to You have your home in JapanAnd the Local authorities sponsored millions of yen in renovation grants, and even abandoned some old homes.

Living in Japan can become a reality

Japan, facing an aging population, promotes the “vacant house bank”, which It is a system that requires those wishing to sell or rent uninhabited homes, Register your properties, post information on this site, and provide information to anyone who wants it.

If you are interested in looking for a home to live in Japan, Nagano City Government Created a website for “Akiah Bank” To assist with the case and submit reports.

Launched more than five years ago, it lists available housing and financial support programs offered by local authorities, including grants of up to 1 million yen (about $9775) for Renovation of a house in rural suburbs.

So if you are planning to live in Nagano, JapanYou can refer to the catalog of homes available at the moment by bidding click here.

Nagano, a community to live in Japan

Nagano is a site Has a supermarket 15 minutesincluding medical care and basic necessities.

It is located near rice fields, Nagano City, and many surrounding communities Hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Games of the same year.

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