In Peru, a man blocks his neighbor’s door with bricks

In Peru, a man blocks his neighbor’s door with bricks

Privacy is an important factor for people and this is gaining strength when it comes to home, however, there are neighbors who do not understand this term and decide to extend their property beyond what is permitted. A man stopped at the station and covered the neighbor’s door with bricks and cement as he drove into his house.

On TikTok, the video has already garnered over 180k likes, 2000 comments, and 5 million views.Along with the supportive comments the man received for leaving clear boundaries and standing up for the privacy of his home.

Everything indicates that the neighbor Build a door and windows that allow free passage into the home of the infected person, which seems very strange because this is an invasion. but Without further ado, the homeowner called two builders to fix the problem.

When your neighbor thought you would never build your houseThe video says, as the builders do their job to avoid passing through and seeing through the door and windows.

The brick wall was the obvious answer to the liberty taken by the neighbor and even block out any glimmer of light that might enter through the windows. On the gas door you can see a sign that says “Residence”Therefore, it may be a business that he took advantage of to use someone else’s property to his advantage.

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On social media, netizens praised this measure and rejected the invasion of the landlord who built the doors and windows in the wrong place. This was what they said:

  • “Well done, however What’s towards your door over there“.
  • One day, I’ll have enough money for your window panes To my neighbors hahaha.
  • The window, I understand, but the door? “.
  • and the door?? Don’t tell me they hung clothes on the roof Neighbour”.
  • It must be very particularly satisfying To build a sweet home.


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