In Quito, official companies that comply with decrees and measures will be recognized | Ecuador | News


Locals in the capital who comply with the rules will be recognized.

The Metropolitan Control Agency (AMC) and the Quito Chamber of Commerce (CCQ) launched the “I meet Quito” campaign that gives Recognition of official buildings that comply with urban regulations and biosafety protocols. The campaign began this morning by honoring the San Agustin ice cream parlor in the center of the capital.

According to AMC, many commercial buildings You do not have an operating license Or it has expired. In 2020, this institution initiated 3,840 penalizations of enterprises due to inconsistencies or lack of a single urban license to conduct economic activities (LUAE). So far in 2021, more than 996 local residents have been sanctioned.

The increase in penalties, according to the authorities, is due to More control Applied in the event of a health emergency due to a pandemic COVID-19, due to crowds forming and they did not comply with the necessary safety and health inspections.

“This campaign responds to the need for DC revitalization From Ecuador and from here to Latin America to be an example of biosecurity,” said Gabriela Obando, AMC Supervisor.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the importance of a LUAE, Motivating businesses to comply with regulations, Increasing the formalization of the city’s economic activities and supporting an orderly and safe economic revitalization.

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