In the UK, 5 luxury cars are stolen in 60 seconds

In the UK, 5 luxury cars are stolen in 60 seconds
One of the luxury cars has already been located. Photo: Getty Images

Five luxury cars, valued at a little more than that 858 thousand dollars (just over 16,800,000 pesos), stolen for less than 60 seconds in the county Essex United kingdom; This is how he made it known local police through their social networks. then in We show you the video.

In a video that went viral, you can see how a topic opens the gates of even the five luxury cars of the brands Porsche, Arri Atom and Mercedes-Benz They stole.

According to the county police EssexCriminals entered the yard of a house in a town BolvanCut the bolts.

The video shows how the vehicles left in the following order:

  • Single-seat Ariel Atom
  • mercedes a45
  • Cayenne Porsche
  • Porsche 911 Carrera
  • Mercedes Maybach

The police said that from the moment the theft was reported, investigations began and one of the vehicles, namely Mercedes Maybach, has already been recovered; However, the other four are still off site.

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