In the United States, a dog swims with a whale and the virus spreads – Uno TV

The little dog fearlessly approached the whale. Photo: Gettyimages / Archive

A video has gone viral on social media Where you can see a dog swimming next to a gray whale; Shared photos were taken on the island Whidbey, Wash.In the United States (USA).

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Puppy swimming with a whale in the United States

the video Shared by Instagram user And when the dog began to approach the whale, the owners started yelling at him not to do so, except that the puppy is his name. Tippi didn’t hear them and set off to meet the big animal.

The user’s comments were as varied as:

  • “Oh my God, this is crazy!”
  • “Fabulous”
  • “The dog must be on a leash! I’m glad it wasn’t an orca!”

despite Various statements of ownersAnd the Tippi without any fear approached the gray whalewhich was observed raising its fins to the surface, it was probably a kind of salute.

Whales are the largest animals that have ever lived. They belong to a group of marine mammals known as cetaceans. Greenpeace explained that they are not fish because they are warm-blooded, breathe air through their lungs and give birth to young that feed on their mothers’ milk.

  • There are two main types of whales: toothed whales (such as sperm whales and orcas) and baleen whales (such as humpback and blue whales). Beards have comb-shaped plates that consist of structures made up of hard hairs. These form a network that filters food from the sea water. The organization added that the vast majority of large whales consist of baleen whales and feed primarily on small creatures called krill.

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