In the United States, the hearing of ex-comptroller Paulette, which was scheduled for Tuesday, has been postponed

For this Tuesday, May 17th, it was planned run in United State – read out the charges brought against the former Comptroller General of the State of Ecuador, Carlos Polit.

The former official is being investigated by the judge of that country because of the bribes he would have received from her Odebrecht And that they would come to eight million dollars, and from Seguros Sucre, at least another million. According to investigations, it was possible to launder resources in financing system From that country it could be used to buy real estate and businesses.

Diligence will not be done because Carlos Polit Court asked to extend the time to make financial arrangements. The request was approved by the court and set a new date for the hearing, which will be May 21 this year.

This isn’t the first time Bullitt has been given more time. On April 26, 2022, the judge in the case noted that Bullitt accepted No. Quick trialbut also because of the complexity of the file Corruption conspiracy I gave him time to prepare his defense. That period was from April 6 to May 4.

Carlos Polit’s hearing has been postponed to May 17

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“a movement Assent This is done due to the complexity of the facts of the cases and the need for more time for the defendant’s lawyer to review the materials and for the defendant to present his permanent position.” Meanwhile, the former observer returned to Twitter after his release after paying an amount bail millionaire. He has house arrest.

Bullitt, 72, faces a sentence of up to 100 years depending on the degree of cooperation with American justice. in Ecuador national court Take steps to finalize the extradition of the former official.

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