In the United States, they found the remains of Gabi Pettito’s partner, Brian Laundry


Miami /

The FBI identified human remains Brian Laundry, Influencer Gabi Pettito’s partner who was allegedly murdered by him, found In a Florida nature reserve.

The remains, a backpack and a notebook believed to belong to Laundry It was discovered Wednesday in a nature park in Florida, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The area where it was found was underwater during previous searches.

The Denver FBI office reported in a press release that a A comparison of dental records confirmed that the remains were Laundry.

discovery of remains Completed a large-scale search involving federal law enforcement, state and local that began shortly after Laundry’s disappearance on September 14, two weeks after the 23-year-old returned alone to his parents’ home in North Port, Florida.

Pettito’s family reported his disappearance on 11 September, Throw Research attracting global media attention It mainly focused on Carlton Reserve Natural Park near Laundry’s house. It is a swampy and densely forested area that is home to alligators, wolves, cats, snakes, and many other creatures.

The intense focus on the Pettito case has led to renewed calls for people to pay greater attention to cases involving missing indigenous women and other people of color.

The body of Pettito, 22, was found on September 19 On the edge of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, which the couple had visited. The coroner concluded that she had died of suffocation And that his body had been in place for three or four weeks.


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