In Uganda, they discovered a metallic-looking insect with leaf-shaped genitalia


During field work Alvin HeldenAnd the Member of the Applied Environment Research Group at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in the UKwith students in the tropical forest of Kibale National Park in western Uganda, He found a new species of cicada which he called Phlogis kibalensis.

the description

this is A new type of insect, it has a very distinctive metallic lustera body tags And like most cicadas, Uniquely male genitalia – partly in paper shape– It belongs to a group called Phlogis.

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The male of this new species measures only 6.6 mm. these animals It’s hard to find them even Many things are unknown What plants do they eat and what? What role do they play in the ecosystem Sweetened.

Holden comments on that There is still a lot to investigatenot only of this type, but many others that are still waiting to be discovered and confirmed Many of them will likely disappear before we even know they exist.

In 1969, In the Central African Republic, the last sighting of a small animal was recorded They belong to this rare genus.

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The specialist has been leading student field trips to Kibale National Park, near Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, since 2015 and documenting the insects found inside, and what He was allowed to make illustrated guides to kibale butterflies, hawks, and tortoise beetles.

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