Indonesia: Lightning is struck by lightning and survives to tell the tale | Video


middle aged man He was walking with an umbrella in the rain, surprised by a The lightning that struck him directly, the effect was brutal, but he lived to tell about it.

lightning strike The man’s reaction was It was captured on video by a surveillance cameraIn the clip you can see how a man walks away from grief during a rainy afternoon in the area Jakarta, Capital Indonesia.

The subject wears overalls With phosphorescent protection to draw attention to those who walk or work in the loading yards, it should be noted that the place you walk is a large yard, free of any object or vehicleSuppose it is exposed in the open field, in addition to carrying a canopy, which as we know may at some point serve as a lightning rod and…

this is what happened, The man was struck by lightningWhich fell directly into the position of the poor man who He fell into shock from a brutal impact.

preserve life

Immediately, some of his classmates came to introduce him to him Band aidThe man appears stunned by the blow, but he appears alive, and what was explained in the video that was shared on social media, that the umbrella he was carrying helped him do so. lightning electricity It had a way out and did not affect the worker in a fatal way.

According to reports issued in social networks By the local police, the man survived with minor burns on both hands, and was treated at a nearby hospital without serious consequences, except for the thunderous impact of lightning.

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