Inflation in the United States, if it will affect San Luis, warns the economist – El Sol de San Luis


Economist Hiladio Tristan warned that inflation in the United States will affect Mexico, and San Luis Potosi is no exception.

The United States is experiencing an inflation of 6.8, which is the highest according to specialists in the past 40 years; In this regard, economist Hiladio Tristan noted that the mentioned inflation will affect not only the neighboring country in the north, but also Mexico and the world.

He noted that in the case of Mexico, he said inflation would affect a “very high” deficit in economic growth, as the country had not yet recovered from the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

He stated that a general increase in prices for products and services could be expected, “because whatever affects there, affects us, there is a saying that when the United States has the flu, we get pneumonia, and St. Louis is no exception.”

He noted that Mexico imports various products from the United States, from fruits and vegetables, as well as medical and dental services, among other things, “They are not losing, they will add the cost of inflation to the products they sell to us and we will have to absorb.”

The economist pointed out that it is the consumer who will suffer from this increase in the prices of products and services, which in themselves have already risen due to inflation in Mexico.

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