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Leah Heilburn from Leeds, England and traveled to United State To be part of a conference on cryptocurrency. located in the section MiamiHe met a man in his fifties and sixties in an elevator and we shared a short conversation. She considered it a casual conversation but then discovered a frightening message he had left under the door.

After speaking only for a few seconds, Leah went downstairs and said goodbye without further ado. Hours later, the 25-year-old was horrified: Under every door in every apartment on that floor was a photo memo meant to locate it.

“Hi. If I meet you in the elevator on Saturday and you are from… please send me a message. I have never had a chance to know your name or to say goodbye. If it is not you Sorry to bother you“, It reads the message. Leah covered where he lives and the man’s phone number in the note and shared what happened to him on his networks.

Layah Heilpern is a cryptocurrency expert who traveled to the US to give a lecture
Layah Heilpern is a cryptocurrency expert who traveled to the US to give a lecture

“I didn’t think of anything from him in the elevator. Everyone in Miami is very nice and talks to everyone, so I’m starting to be that way naturally. He must have [el hombre] Between 50 and 60 years old. She thought the age difference meant she wasn’t romantically interested. The message was really scary,” to explain.

In turn, also tell what that brief meeting in the elevator consists of. We started chatting and it turned out we were both from the same part of England; he went to his apartment and we kept talking but The doors closed abruptly, and the conversation ended.He completed. The strangest and most wonderful thing that the young woman highlighted is that He couldn’t see which floor I went down on, So just discovering it gave him a strange feeling.

The message was photographed for distribution in each circle
The message was photographed for distribution in each circle

Romantic or should I call the police? She consulted on her Twitter account. Her followers, almost immediately, alerted her to how dangerous contact with this person was and that it was about it “mentally retarded.and others confined themselves to defending the man’s actions and warning that if he was being pursued, “I wouldn’t leave messages under the doors” Instead, he would have acted “without giving warnings”. So far, Leah hasn’t mentioned what happened again and everything seems to indicate that the episode has just become an anecdote from his trip to the States.


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