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In Aragonese society, integrative and regenerative medicine has its own name: the clinic Biosalud in Zaragoza, one of the leading centers in this type of medical specialty with more than 30 years of experience behind it. In most medical conferences and symposia, it is inevitable to mention the excellent therapeutic results of this clinic.

The same can be said if we pay attention to Views of Biosalud Zaragoza To publish their patients on the Internet and on social networks, and one of their common characteristics is evaluation, which is usually on the border of excellence.

One of the things that attracts the most attention is his specialization in diagnosing Lyme disease, which is any GP’s nightmare.

Lyme disease, the disguised enemy

Lyme disease is a chameleon disorder and its symptoms can be confused with many conditions. In fact, it is one of the most difficult diseases to diagnose and a large percentage of patients are treated for years, without success, for health disorders they do not really have. Likewise, its treatment is not usually simple in all cases and it can last for several months.

Therefore, it is a bacterial infection whose source is usually the bite of a tick carrying the disease.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a rare disease and its prevalence is increasing in developed societies.

Habits such as hunting, fishing in river areas, going out into the mountains or keeping pets, especially dogs or livestock, increase the likelihood of contracting the disease.

To detect it, it is necessary to use the most advanced diagnostic tools.

in this meaning, Biosalud Day Hospital He has his own test called “Lyme CHECK” which allows to start a personalized treatment protocol for each patient.

What do Biosalud Zaragoza patients think?

In the medical sector, it is very common to find published opinions that are not satisfied with the care provided. News of medical practice cases that may be categorized as questionable or inappropriate is also very common.

This is not the case with Biosalud Day HospitalIts clinics are rated as excellent by those who have undergone or are still undergoing treatment there.

Take a simple look at the criticisms expressed by patients Biosalud Zaragoza, we can see that positive opinions are clearly the dominant observation. The same thing happens if we take another look at the comments of the Madrid patients.

The common observation is that most of them are people who say that they have, in the past, done multiple medical reviews without finding a satisfactory solution to their health problems.

Biosalud Day Hospital, your integrative medicine clinic in Zaragoza and Madrid

If you are looking for a second medical opinion or a treatment that truly meets your expectations, in Zaragoza and Madrid you can access the most advanced integrative and regenerative medicine benefits.

With more than 35 years of experience in both fields, in Biosalud Day Hospital They are pioneers in the application of innovative diagnostic systems and integrative therapy for all types of diseases. And not only that, but they also specialize in innovative biological therapies and in detecting overlapping or hidden conditions, such as Lyme disease.

Our advice is to never throw in the towel, assuming you cannot improve your ailments, and you are invited to seek an initial consultation at this centre. If you do, it may not be long before you join the patients publicly expressing their appreciation for medical professionals in clinics. Biosalud.

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