Interbank transfers will be temporarily suspended

Interbank transfers will be temporarily suspended

The electronic clearing house It was announced that instant transfers between banks will be temporarily suspended.

He indicated that they will stop updating the file Transfers From Friday 6 to Monday 9 May between 3:00 pm and 8:30 am

The Chamber explained that this measure is due to the fact that will be updated The platform used for this process.

During the suspension period, it will not be possible to record transfers or Payments between different banksbut only postponed.

Suspension will affect any instant transfer, as well as payment credit cards, from one bank to another. Payments will be recorded after Monday, when service is restored.

This saving will mainly affect users who plan to make a transfer between two accounts Banks Different; For those who have Credit card Linked to a bank with a payment date between the sixth and ninth day of every month, and the payment is made through another bank.

And for people who have a file credit With a bank whose repayment date is between the sixth and ninth day of every month, which pays it through another bank.

It should be noted that the suspension of the service will take place on the weekend before May 10, mothers daywhen it is used to celebrate Mexican mothers and this generates a great economic movement.

The electronic clearinghouse recommended strengthening interbank operations and pre-generation credit and debit card payments Interests.

It should be noted that Payments s operations Within the same bank they will continue normally because they are not dependent on the platform to be implemented. DJ

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