The man who pretended to be a disabled person was “cured” to fight in the street; video

The man who pretended to be a disabled person was “cured” to fight in the street;  video
in Argentina ,
The man who was begging for money on crutches is “cured” to start a fight in the street. Photo: Cuartoscuro | explanatory

oh “miracle” Passers-by witnessed Argentina when man asking for money to own one “inability” s Use crutches to move, suddenly “healed” To reply to a topic from opposite what or what will deceive People pretending to be someone sick.

The moment has been recorded video And soon it started spinning Social media; The photos caused an uproar among Internet users subordinate digital platforms.

This was the “miracle” of the man wearing crutches

The Picturescaptured by a Watch the driverI realize how Of course sick Responding to another man, according to reports, he will have I realized the farce claimed it It was fake.

In the video no more than 30 seconds It turns out that the topic throw kick To the crutches “patient” that illustrates I didn’t need them to move So, with great FitAnd evades The He hits s scramble He was thrown by his angry opponent.

before amazed look from witnesses “miracle”the man, who was pretending to be a disabled person to ask for money, answered some blows and took advantage of the fact that he had crutches hit your opponentwho is also able to navigate without receiving higher damage.

The fight Hold for a few seconds, and in one of the crutches who fired con man beat the competition grab The crutch Without the alleged patient loss of balance due to missing item.

away from It will be difficult to walk The man showed that he was healthy and ran to avoid being hit by his opponent with the crutches he was using, beginning, How do fight the elements and not like walking support, How did you do it for ask for money pedestrian.

Networks interact with the video

The users from Social media celebrate that men who – which I realized the deception Facing the supposed patient and placing him in it Guide So that he stops deceiving the people who pass by and give him some kind of help. Some even joked about the pictures and said it was It was a “miracle”.

That bastard mask fell off. Because of people like this, people don’t believe those who, perhaps, need a little help “,” reminds me of Homer when he pretended to be a tramp “,” Hallelujah. This is the miracle of “The liar with crutches who escaped. Shame on others “,” People who beg with lies should go to prison. To deceive people. “ They are part of the messages that are read in the post.

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