Russian TV details nuclear attack on Europe; European countries interact

Irish Prime Minister Michael MartinThis Tuesday, he described as “evil” Russian television’s report on how Nuclear attack on major capitals European.

“It’s very wicked and frightening tactics,” Martin said during a meeting with the rest of his cabinet, although he ruled out that no one would feel threatened by them.

It reflects a disturbing reality that is not connected to reality. “There must be a quick apology,” said Martin, who did not specify whether the Russian ambassador to Ireland, Yuri Filatov, would be summoned.

In this sense, Irish Prime Minister Taoiseach emphasized that the most important thing was for Russia to put an end to hostilities in Ukraine. He stressed that “the bombing and destruction of towns and cities” and “the human massacres that are taking place are unjustified.”

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A few days ago, Russian state television ventured how It would be a nuclear attack on Europe Direct reference to some targets, such as Paris, Berlin, Rome and London. Although he did not mention the island of Ireland, it was destroyed as part of the Kremlin’s hypothetical offensive against the United Kingdom.


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